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Providence University in Taiwan was founded by the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary’s of the Woods, Indiana, USA in 1956.

Since then, PU has been recognized for international campus atmosphere and international collaboration has also been one of the most important strategies for the development of the university.

To better serve the faculty and students from all departments, The Office of International Affairs (OIA), separated from the Office of Research and Development, was established in 2005 to be in charge of all International Affairs for the university.

In 2011, OIA was transformed and upgraded to an office in the first category with four divisions, namely; Academic Exchange Affairs, Division of International and Overseas Students Affairs, International Foundation Program and Chinese Language Education Center. Following the organization’s restructuring to enhance competitiveness, a Dean was appointed by the president to lead and manage all International and cross-strait affairs for the university.

On August 2, 2013, the office was renamed The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs, with the aim in view of extending its excellent services to all students and faculty around the world.