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Financial Relief during the pandemic

Financial Relief during the pandemic

Apply before May 22 for the financial relief due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligibility: Any enrolled students whose family are suffering financial difficulties due to COVID-19 pandemic or other special circumstances.

Not applicable: The students who are already under other financial assistance programs. (e.g.: mid-/low income family or tuition waiver program.)


  1. Application Form (Fill out the form in Google Docs.)
  2. Certification
  1. Certificate evidencing the family is under financial hardship due to the pandemic. (e.g.: The furlough certificate for the parent(s) or student in the latest three months; certificate of severance; certificate showing the fact of shift-cut or pay-cut, etc.)
  2. Any documents that can evidence the financial hardship of the family.
  3. The Household Registration Certificate for the latest three months (with the Remarks column). If the hardship is upon the student, no Household Registration is necessary.

Deadline: May 22, 2020 (No late application will be accepted.)

Amount: NT$6,000 (upon approval)

Number of approved cases/Quota: 120 (as a principle)


                Scan the QRCODE or the website.

                Fill out and download the Application Form and the evidencing documents

                Turn them in to the Div. of Student Assistance (3F, Bishop Kupfer Hall)

Hotline: Div. of Student Assistance (04) 2632-8001 ext. 11212

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