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Academic Options:

  • Exchange students have following 3 options for course arrangement
  • Please do choose only ONE OPTION
Option 1 1. Chinese language course for 10 hours per week (10 credits)

2. Regular courses for 11 credits

3. Search engine for other courses:


Option 2


1. Chinese language courses for 6 hours per week (6 credits)

2. Any regular course for  15 credits

Option 3


Students can choose any regular courses from any faculties for 21 credits



1.       There is no minimum credits, please feel free to take courses which you need.

2.       Transcripts will be provided for these options at the end of the semester by post to your                     home university.

3.       The maximum credit is 21 credits. Each extra credit will cost NT$1500. (Except option 2)


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