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International Internship Pilot Program

I. Objective
The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) aims to provide a platform for foreign researchers to intern in Taiwan,
creating opportunities for them to familiarize themselves with Taiwan's research capabilities.
The ultimate goal is to encourage them to stay in Taiwan for further studies or employment,
thereby enriching Taiwan's research workforce.

II. Internship Content
i. Host Institution: Taiwanese academic and research institutions, laboratories, etc. The internship positions will be provided by project leaders (PIs) executing NSTC research projects (including industry-academia collaboration projects and bilateral cooperation projects).
ii. Internship Period: Due to variations in academic schedules of different countries, interns can arrange for internships lasting up to three months between May, 2024 and February 2025. The starting date for the internship in Taiwan should not be later than December, 2024 with the application deadline set at September 15, 2024.
iii. Interns will engage in relevant research and learning based on the research themes and fields of the participating projects. During the internship, PIs will provide appropriate guidance and assist interns in diverse interactions with local students and getting to know Taiwan.

III. Application Qualification
i. Foreign nationals excluding Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau studying at overseas higher education institutions, meeting the key areas of Taiwan's research and development. Students with background in humanities and social sciences are also included. (These include undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, as well as foreign students who have completed exchange programs in Taiwan and have not yet returned to their home countries).
ii. Proficiency in one of the following languages: English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese (language proficiency levels must be indicated during registration, and relevant proof documents must be uploaded).

IV. Internship Quota
The maximum quota is set at 600 individuals.

V. Application Process
i. Adopting a rolling review system, applications are submitted online. Required documents include identification documents (primarily passport), officially issued proof of current enrollment, resume, and one letter of recommendation from a teacher. Depending on the internship responsibilities, PIs may request additional academic performance proof and internship plans.
ii. Applications that are incomplete, do not meet the specified requirements, or are submitted after the deadline will not be processed.

VI. Evaluation and Matching Process
i. Matching between the potential intern and PI will be mainly conducted via an online system. The NSTC may also convene platform review meetings based on policy requirement.
ii. PIs offering internship positions will evaluate applicants based on the provided information. Upon mutual agreement, the system will issue an acceptance notification to the intern.

VII. Subsidies
i. Internship Allowance: NT$30,000 per intern per month, with a maximum duration of three months per person. Except for force majeure or VISA issuing reasons, Interns who have been issued IIPP acceptance letter cannot request to change or extend the internship duration.
ii. Internship Operating Expenses: For each intern hosted, the PI may receive up to NT$10,000, based on the lecture hourly fee schedule. This covers expenses related to guiding interns in experiments, research, etc. In principle each PI may supervise no more than two interns at the same time. Exception may be granted due to nationality diversification concern.

VIII. Funding Appropriation
i. Upon receiving the institute’s request for funds based on the internship student list for each phase, the Program Office will deliver the internship allowances for students and operating expenses for PIs to each institute. Each institute will then submit receipts, vouchers, and any refundable amounts due to adjustments in the internship period back to the Program Office.
ii. Internship allowances for students are disbursed on a monthly basis. The first-month allowance will be issued at the beginning of the first month. However, subsequent allowances will be disbursed in conjunction with the student's required reports and attendance records.
iii. The internship operating expenses of PIs will be processed after confirming the return of the internship student and the submission of their reports.
iv. If there are specific or stricter regulations for interns according to other bilateral cooperation agreements of the NSTC or some university cooperation projects with NSTC’s approval due to policy requirements, those regulations will be followed. However, the internship allowance shall not exceed NT$30,000 per month, with a maximum internship period of three months, and interns are not allowed to receive duplicate funding from other government departments.

IX. Rights and Obligations
i. Interns must adhere to the management guidelines, internship regulations of the institute, and relevant laws of our country. Violators will face suspension of the internship by the Program Office.
ii. Interns themselves are responsible for covering expenses such as airfare, visa fees, accommodation, meals, insurance, etc. Accommodation expenses include additional derived costs (such as electricity and internet fees) and must comply with the regulations of the accommodation unit. If the internship institute assists in arranging accommodation, the intern is still responsible for these expenses. Additional costs arising from the use of facilities of the internship institute are also the responsibility of the intern.
iii. Interns must submit a written report of their works online before the end of the internship. The internship institute and the Program Office may arrange for oral progress report, and interns are required to comply.
iv. Intellectual property rights related to research outcomes during the internship period will be handled according to the relevant regulations of the research institution to which the PI belongs.
v. Interns are required to cooperate with telephone or written surveys conducted by the Program Office after returning home to track the effectiveness of this program.

X. Implementation Schedule
This program will be reviewed annually to modify the program content as needed to meet policy requirements and fully realize the expected benefits of this program.

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