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Light a Match Meet a Family-LMMF Host Family Program

In order to help international students to adapt to and fit into life in Taiwan, education institutes make every effort to organize various cultural events and cultural exchange activities. The history of folklore events and how to celebrate these festivals are explained, with aim to promote international students to learn about Taiwan culture and customs, and hence speed up their culture exploration and adaptation process through participation in activities.

When international students face culture shock in a new environment, they might feel confused and anxious or want to know more about the environment and culture. If they wish to do so, not only can they seek advice from teachers and students on campus, but also learn about Taiwan culture and local customs by participating in host family events. The family-like care and warm support may not only reduce the time and impact of adapting to a new culture for international students, but also provide them with opportunities for cultural learning and exchange. Moreover, host families are a good channel for international students who are the beginners to study Mandarin or want to learn Taiwanese or regional dialects.

For Taiwan families, hosting international students is a great way to gain exposure to foreign cultures aside from traveling abroad. It not only broadens their international horizons and provides national diplomacy in their daily lives, but also allows them to learn about the new ideas and current trends of students from different countries through interaction. Families who are interested in language learning may also engage in language exchange. The hosting experience introduces a diverse international perspective to family members. For families with school-age children, it is an excellent way to develop their children’s social skills, expose to multiple cultures and learn how to respect for differences.

Light a Match Meet a Family - LMMF Host Family Program provides a channel for families, international students, and education institutes to explore different cultures in Taiwan. It is a rewarding experience. Through the network of host family across Taiwan, families and students are encouraged to apply for hosting events, making the interaction a unique experience for international students and bringing diverse global perspectives to families.

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大專校院境外學生接待家庭 (Light a Match Meet a Family-LMMF)計畫
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