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411 Study Abroad Festival

On March 23rd, 2023, Providence University held the 411 Study Abroad Festival, which attracted students and scholars from around the world to participate in this grand event. The aim of the festival was to provide a platform for college students to exchange and learn from each other's experiences. The event was estimated to have more than 600 participants, including both students and faculty members.

Pose for a Group Photo

Pose for a Group Photo

The 411 Study Abroad Festival is a tradition at Providence University, and this year, it resumed in-person for the first time since the pandemic. We also invited special guests, including Ms. Abbigail Pieterse from the Embassy of Kingdom of Eswatini, Ms. Johanna Knoll from the Austrian Office in Taipei, as well as representatives from our sister schools in Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries to come and join in the event.

Group Photo with the Guests                     Ms. Abbigail Pieterse’s Opening Speech (Opening Ceremony)

                        Group Photo with the Guests                                                      Ms. Abbigail Pieterse’s Opening Speech (Opening Ceremony)

Meanwhile, representatives of 17 countries including Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Japan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Kingdom of Eswatini, and Austria, who are foreign students, also took part in the event. They shared their cultural backgrounds with the students and faculty of Providence University through various activities such as showcasing their hometown's traditional cuisine and designing booth games. Some international students even dressed in their country's traditional costumes, such as the “hanbok” from Korea or the “batik cloth” from Indonesia, making the atmosphere even more diverse and enriching the exchange of culture.

Foreign Students Interaction                     Students from the Kingdom of Eswatini with Their Traditional

                            Foreign Students Interaction                                                   Students from the Kingdom of Eswatini with Their Traditional

Traditional Thai Dance Performance                     Booth of South Korean Students

Traditional Thai Dance Performance                                                                         Booth of South Korean Students

During this carnival, there were informative sessions in the morning provided by sister schools from various countries, and in the afternoon, a wide range of activities were held. Under the scorching sun, international and local students and faculty ignited enthusiastic exchanges, enhancing their international perspectives and imaginations, and inspiring students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.

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