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New Taipei City International Jewelry Metalworking Competition 2022

I. Objectives
i. We hope to provide a platform and a channel for mutual exchange in the field of jewelry metalworking and design, meanwhile, to encourage young and talented students to enter the jewelry design industry through experience and practice. We aim to bring new blood into the jewelry industry and enhance the culture and level of fine jewelry craftsmanship.
ii. This design competition is purely for public benefit and aims to encourage students to engage in jewelry metalworking actively.

II. Categories and Groups
i. All participants in each category must be students with school enrollment.
ii. Hand-drawing /3D Drawing Category:
1. Junior High School
2. High School and Vocational School
3. University and College
iii. Fine Craft Category (only for schools in Taiwan):
1. High School and Vocational School
2. University and College

III.Registration Deadline and Delivery Information

i. Hand-drawing /3D Drawing Category

ii. Fine Craft Category (only for schools in Taiwan this year)

IV.Competition Schedule of Fine Craft Category

i. High School and Vocational School: Saturday, December 10th, 2022
ii. University and College: From Saturday, December 3rd to Sunday, December4th, 2022 (2 Days in total)
*The operating time for all participants in High School and Vocational School or
University and College is 8 hours.

V. Awards and Prizes

VI.Winner Announcement: The announcement is expected to be made on
Saturday, December 31 st, 2022, subject to the approval date by the Education
Department of the New Taipei City Government.

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