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Virtual Exchange Program for 2021 spring

Virtual Exchange Program for 2021 spring

  • Available online programs:
  1. We will offer 15 credit Chinese Language course and cultural course:
  1. 12-credit Chinese Language course


  1. 3-credit Taiwanese Cultural courses in 2021 spring semester.
  1. Micro-credit Program:

This program contains different modules, each subject got 1 credit, students can randomly enroll it. Every 1 credit is composed of 6-hour courses.

  1. Conditions to take the micro-credit course:
  1. The minimum no. of students to open the course is 15.
  2. The micro-credit course is only open for undergraduate students.
  • Please email to Ms. Alanda Chang at ynchang@pu.edu.tw by Dec. 15, 2021 for any interests or enrollment. In the meantime, please feel free to drop us emails for further inquiries.

Regarding to the academic courses, the request is passed to our business faculty to evaluate the possibility of offering some online courses, but we can only see a low possibility to open the remote courses because currently our local students are still taking in-person classes and maintain social daily life like the old days on-campus.

We will keep our partners updated if any news from the faculty.

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