Providence University to Establish a King Sejong Institute on Campus

Korean Wave in the entertainment industry has become highly influential in Taiwan lately, motivating more and more people to learn Korean. The demand for learning Korean can also be reflected by the outstanding enrollment numbers in Korean majors in universities and the Korean program at Providence University. In response to the demand, Providence University in Taiwan and Daegu Catholic University in Korea closely collaborate for the establishment of King Sejong Institute at Providence. The mutual parties signed an MOU on Nov 9th, 2023 in Daegu, Korea, followed by a return visit to Providence. Once the King Sejong Foundation approves the application, students from Providence or the community will be able to study basic and intermediate Korean on campus. More advanced levels will be open as time goes by. In addition, students will be exposed to a variety of resources and information from the 411 study abroad center, giving them the edge to study in Korea more easily. The application has reached the final stage and the operation should kick off by July 2023 at the soonest.


2022.11.09 Providence University and Daegu Catholic University signed an MOU on King Sejong Institute Collaboration.


A visit to a Catholic church in Daegu downtown


2022.12.1 Daegu Catholic University visited Providence University with abundant support.


2022.12.1 Key partners of King Sejong Institute from Daegu Catholic University visited Our Lady of Providence Chapel.