【The Léonard-de-Vinci Schools, France】Call for Webinar Sessions

Providence University's partner in France, the Léonard-de-Vinci Schools will hold an International Week in virtual format from 29th March to 2nd April, 2021 for the Vinci Group:


The Léonard de Vinci Schools have been developing a transversal pedagogical approach which blends the different specializations, allowing students to work online, whilst progressing in their studies and gaining
digital knowledge It is in this spirit that the International Week will gather a large audience of 1400 students from the 3 schools in the same seminars.


This year, we would like to offer webinar sessions to our students as we cannot guarantee that our students will have the possibility to attend classes on campus due to the covid 19 situation.
This is also the reason why you have the opportunity to participate in our International Week from your home by giving online lectures: 

  • 12 hours per teaching participant (one same course of 6 hours taught in two sessions of 3 hours to two different groups of 40 students and up to 100 students).


If you wish to come to Paris (and if travel restrictions are lifted), we would be more than happy to welcome you on our campus and provide you a classroom for your webinars.

If the faculty members of Providence University are interested in this program, please inform us.

Key Dates:


If there is any question, please send your inquiry to Ms. June Yang: juneyang@gm.pu.edu.tw


In oder to encourage to lecturers' participation, International Office will provide lecture fee for this event.

Limited places: 2 places

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